Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In My Suitcase: New Orleans Bound

With any luck, by the time this posts I'll be well on my way to the airport to attend the American Bar Association conference in New Orleans! I've never been to the South before, let alone New Orleans, so I'm very excited for what the next three days have in store for me. I won't get to do a ton of sightseeing while I'm there, but I'm attending the conference with several colleagues and we have a few fun lunches and dinners set up between now and Friday.

For this trip, I was determined to pack light. Everything I'm bringing will fit into a carry-on rollerboard and a large tote bag. I love seeing what others pack for their getaways, so I thought I'd share a post of my own.

Category No. 1: Day Dresses

I'm going to New Orleans mainly to attend a professional development conference, but the conference is a huge networking opportunity as well. I want to look pulled together and professional each day, without wearing a suit in the 80-degree, humid weather. My solution: day dresses. I have tons of these in my closet, and they are wardrobe staples for me on the days that I can dress more casually at the office:

Category 2: Evening Dresses

The nighttime events we have planned will be slightly more dressed up, so I've packed two evening dresses that are still work-appropriate, and one party dress, for "just in case" we end up somewhere really fancy. The two dresses on the left have pencil skirts, while the dress on the right is definitely more of a "party dress" due to the flared skirt:

Category No. 3:

Jewelry is key for taking basic dresses from day-to-night. In case I don't have an opportunity to change from my day dress to evening dress, I can always carry a statement necklace or pair of earrings in my purse to throw on at the last minute. Of course, I'll be wearing my wedding rings no matter what outfit I have on!

Category No. 4: Business Basics

Every girl should have an amazing black blazer in her closet. I purchased this one from H&M for $39.90 a few years back, and it has been one of my most versatile wardrobe pieces ever since. It goes with skirts, day dresses, evening dresses and jeans. I can throw this jacket on over any of the dresses I've packed, and my look will instantly become more polished:

Category No. 5: Miscellaneous Accessories

Of course, I can't leave my accessories behind! I plan to pack a fun scarf, one pair of heels and one pair of sandals in addition to the ballet flats I'll wear on the plane. My fringe purse has a strap, so it can easily transform into a clutch for evening events:

Category No. 6: Fun Outfit

My flight leaves in the early afternoon on Friday, so Friday morning will be my "free day" in New Orleans. I have big plans to tour a few of the cemeteries in the French Quarter, and to stop by Cafe du Monde for some beignets and coffee afterwards. A maxi dress and cropped sweater will fit the bill for my morning of fun:

Category No. 7: Carry-on Tote

I won this tote last summer when Mrs. D, Mr. A, Mr. Cool and I traveled to Las Vegas. Banana Republic had just partnered up with Virgin America to design their flight attendant uniforms, and I won a contest at the gate for having an item of Banana Republic clothing in my bag. This tote is roomy and soft, so I plan to stow a sweater, my wallet and a few other "extras" in here:

And that's it! I'm excited to travel light, for once, and hopefully have everything I need when I get there. If not, of course there will be stores in New Orleans!

What are your favorite "packing light" tips?


  1. great selection of essentials for packing can never go wrong with the jewelry collection you selected

  2. Have fun! New Orleans is a fun city, with such delicious food! Even if all you have time for (besides work) is eating, you'll have a great time. :)

  3. I hope you have a great trip! New Orleans is definitely on my list of must-visit cities. I always try to pack light and stick to carry-on luggage whenever I can. It helps that I usually travel for pleasure to warmer climates where I don't need a lot of heavy clothing or business attire.