Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Orleans Recap

New Orleans was everything I had hoped it would be: gorgeous architecture, delicious food, plenty of debauchery, and of course, the ABA Lawyer's Professional Liability Conference, which was my main purpose for being there. I was in the city for less than 36 hours, but I had a ton of fun soaking in as much as I could during my short stay.

The ABA Conference was held that The Roosevelt Hotel on Baronne Street. I was lucky enough to score a room there at the last minute, and I'm so glad I did. The hotel is in a historic building, and all the finishes and touches create an atmosphere of old glamour and decadence.  

I loved my room! The Salvatore Ferragamo bath products were a nice surprise:

A couple of hours after checking into the hotel, I joined several of my co-workers for a cocktail at The Sazerac Bar downstairs. I stuck with my usual vodka soda, but my companions took advantage of the large bourbon selection at the bar.

Later that evening, we attended the ABA Conference welcome reception before heading to dinner at Tommy's Cuisine in the Warehouse District. I decided to be adventurous and order the turtle soup. I had decided beforehand to eat fish and seafood during my stay, since I quickly determined that it's close to impossible to stick to a vegan diet in New Orleans. The turtle soup was served in a spicy tomato broth, and was actually quite good:

After a fun dinner with clients and people we ran into at the conference, my co-workers and I hit Bourbon Street for some live music, drinking and fun. A small storm had come through earlier that day, so the humidity in the air was thick and the ground was wet. This didn't stop me from venturing out in 4+ inch heels, though!

Notwithstanding the weather, we had a ton of fun popping into bars and listening to jazz music. The debauchery continued into the early hours of the morning, and I didn't make it to bed until after 3:30 a.m.

I woke up two-and-a-half hours later and coerced one of my coworkers into joining me for an early breakfast at Cafe De Monde on Decatur Street. My only set "tourist" goal for the trip was to dine on delicious beignets and cafe au lait at this cute, outdoor restaurant. My co-worker and I weren't in the best shape as we walked over, but the sugary-sweet breakfast breathed new life into us:

I stocked up on plenty of cans of coffee before I left, one which I wrapped in a bow and gifted to my cousin for her birthday. She and her boyfriend are traveling to New Orleans next week, so I thought this gift would get her into the spirit of things:

After attending the conference for most the day, I joined the ABA Young Lawyer's Division for dinner at Gautreau's in Uptown. The restaurant was selected for us by a local attorney, and it was definitely my favorite dining experience of the trip. The restaurant is located in an old French-style house, and the intimate atmosphere and extensive wine selection could not be beat! There were six of us at dinner, and it was great to connect with other young lawyers that practice in the same field as I do:


Later that evening, the same lawyer took us on a tour of her favorite bars in the area. I snapped this photo in the bathroom at one of the bars we stopped off at. I can't remember the name of the bar, but the blueberry mojitos were delicious, and the outdoor patio was cool and welcoming in the still-humid night:

The next morning, I took my own walking tour of the French Quarter. I fell in love with the wrought-iron balconies and old-world architecture that line the streets of this neighborhood. I also was determined to take a walk along the Mississippi River before I left. Jazz Fest was just kicking off the Friday that I was there, and there was plenty of love music and revelry that filled the streets.

I may have made a pit-stop along the way, for the second time during my short trip:

I ended the morning with the walk along the Mississippi that I had hoped to accomplish. Afterwards, I made it back to the hotel just in time for the noon checkout. And just like that, my trip came to an end!

I can't wait to return to New Orleans one day, hopefully with Mr. Cool. I was invited on this trip at the last minute, so he couldn't join me this time around. The conference was great, and I managed to meet a lot of attorneys and claims adjusters that I can hopefully work with in the future. Overall, a very successful trip!

 Have you ever been to New Orleans? What's your favorite thing to do there?


  1. My husband and I went to New Orleans last year and had such a great time. We definitely want to go back. :)

    I'm glad you had fun!

  2. Sounds amazing! Reading your recap makes me want to go there more than ever!